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Shopping for wine can be difficult. Unless you pride yourself on being a wine connoisseur, you will probably get overwhelmed with the vast amount of options and prices. This makes wine shopping a headache for the casual wine drinker, especially while shopping for wine for a party or special occasion. The pressure is always on in the wine aisle to find the perfect fit!

In our wine store in Whiting, NJ, we try to make the process easier for you. Our wine is categorized by types, where it was made, brands, and prices to make it easy to look through the options that seem best to you. If the set-up itself is not helpful, then we always have staff nearby who can discuss options and find a type of wine you are sure to love!

For those who are wine enthusiasts and know what their favorite types are, we have exotic wines and limited edition wines. These wines rotate in and out of the store, depending on how much we can order at a time, so make sure you grab your favorites when you see them! Otherwise we can try to special-order you the perfect bottle of wine.

In addition, we also have a wine catering service that can be separate or in conjunction with our beer catering service. Our wine caterers will bring all of your favorite wine to your party and make sure that there is enough all night for your guests!

Get in touch with us today so that you can book us to cater your next event!

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